Bitcoin Generating Positive Perception Worldwide, Libra Struggles To Keep Up

Bitcoin Generating Positive Perception Worldwide, Libra Struggles To Keep Up

Social Networking is in the center of our lives the and now Conversations that are stored on the various social media platforms have a lot of bearing on the events on the planet. Conversations seeing cryptocurrencies are common on social networking and many crypto analysts utilize Twitter and Facebook to participate with all the crypto world.

What They Are Saying About Bitcoin

A recent study by The research revealed that the majority of conversation Roughly Bitcoin on Twitter comes from the USA. 38.9% of tweets linked to Bitcoin come from america while 10.5%, the second highest total, come from the uk. Canada, Turkey and India complete the top five states from which the most conversations about Bitcoin come from.


A Geographic Breakdown of Crypto Twitter

Total 38.9% of total Bitcoin tweets come from the US and 10.5% from the UK.

The top five countries are the US, UK, Canada, Turkey, India, and Australia.

-- The TIE (@TheTIEIO) July 4, 2019

The study looked at the conversation Bitcoin carries negative or positive connotations about the cryptocurrency. The overall conversation about Bitcoin is largely positive worldwide, with 59.8% of the tweets considered in the analysis being optimistic about Bitcoin. The United States also dominated in this respect with 61.5% of the tweets from the country demonstrating a favorable perception of Bitcoin. With the current upward trends surrounding the purchase price of Bitcoin, it’s not surprising that many traders may be seeking to purchase Bitcoin (BTC).

Among Dialog, the maximum number of favorable tweets came from Peru. Italy, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia follow closely behind Peru in relation to the pleasures they’ve towards the crypto. This shows that Bitcoin trading in these smaller countries might be on the upswing. Tweets from Venezuela usually showed a negative perception of Bitcoin with 62.5percent of the tweets from the country being negative about it.

The Conversation Concerning Libra

Since Facebook announced its project it, Libra Has been the topic of many conversations. Likewise in the United States, tweets about Libra’s Maximum number came to Bitcoin. 43.8% of the tweets about Facebook’s project came from the United States, a figure that exceeds the Bitcoin percent. The United Kingdom is again second and France, Canada and Australia complete the top 5.

Most the conversation about Libra is, however, negative as In comparison to that surrounding Bitcoin. The tweets about the project were initially positive shortly after the statement of it had been created however, the tides have since shifted and 54.8% of Libra related tweets reflect negative thoughts.


While conversations on Libra originally tended to become more positive, today 54.8% of Libra Coin tweets were negative.

Libra tweets were positive in the United Kingdom, but tended to Be much less positive in the united states and France -- nations experiencing Regulatory pushback.

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